Sunday, March 30, 2014

Snippet Sunday: Who's The Boss?

This week's snippet is from Something Old, one of my series romances, published by Silhouette Romances under my "Toni Collins" pseudonym (it'll be available in ebook format later this year). It's a romantic comedy about a vampire who owns a tabloid and his star writer, a woman descended from a long line of vampire hunters....

"Nobody seems to know anything about him."

"Maybe he doesn't exist."

Joining the group of women who obviously had nothing better to do than gather around the water cooler to exchange gossip, Gabriella Thorne--"Gabby" to her friends and colleagues--knew without asking that they were talking about their boss, the new owner and publisher of the International Intruder, the most successful of the supermarket tabloids. He'd been the favorite topic of water cooler conversation since he took over six months earlier, probably because virtually nothing was known about the man.

"Maybe he's another Howard Hughes," Gabby suggested, joining the conversation as she filled a paper cup for herself.

"May I remind you, Gabby, that even Howard Hughes was spotted from time to time. Elvis has been sighted more often than Adrian Lacross." This was from Rosemary Patterson, executive assistant to managing editor Erik Thoreau.

"And Elvis is dead," chimed in Karyn Peck, a fellow staff writer.

"Not according to our paper, he isn't,"  Gabby pointed out with mild amusement.


  1. Ok. Where am I?!?! LOL!! I had to refresh and re-click and blink my eyes many times just in case I'd somehow stumbled into some rip in the space time continuum! LOL!!

    Wow - love your new look blog!!! It's lovely!!!

    And thank you for sharing this snippet of your book! Love the premise - a vampire boss and the descendant of a vampire hunter!! Working on a tabloid! Love it!! Take care

  2. Oh, I do like that!

    A vampire running a tabloid... how strangely appropriate!

  3. @ PT, Cheryl, Elaine & Linda: Thank you!

    @ Old Kitty: A rip in the space/time continuum? Hah! I thought the ol' blog could use some attitude!

    @ William: That's what my editor said! "Sure...they're all a bunch of bloodshed...."

    1. @$!#;+ autocorrect! That last word was supposed to be "bloodsuckers!"

  4. Brilliant title for this vampire tale Norma, very enticing little snippet here.. Why do women always fall for the bad guys, or the lure of the vampire :)

  5. Sounds entertaining. What a surprise, Norma! I had no idea you wrote vampire romance (comedy). Sounds cute!

  6. @ Grace: The title I originally chose for the book was My Fair Vampire...but because it was chosen for the wedding promo, my publisher had to change it.

    @ Lorelei: I can only write funny vampires!

  7. Hello... My Fair Vampire.
    Any sparkles ?

    cheers, parsnip

  8. @ Gayle: Most definitely NO sparkles!

    @ Hilary: When the ebook's ready, I'll see that you get one!

    @ Eve: Your boss was a vampire? (Just kidding!)


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