Sunday, April 6, 2014

Snippet Sunday: No Room at the Inn?

This week's Snippet is from my Toni Collins romantic comedy, Ms. Maxwell and Son (soon to be an ebook). It's the story of divorced mother-to-be Katie Maxwell, a cartoonist, her scruffy musician neighbor, Jack Spangler, and his toilet-flushing cockatoo, Sam. In this scene, Katie and Jack have just met. She's in labor and needs a ride to the hospital in a snowstorm....

Katie nodded. "Right. After all, Mary and Joseph did make it to Bethlehem on a burro," she reminded herself aloud.

"A donkey," Jack corrected, opening the door for her.

She slid inside, then looked up at him. "What?"

"A donkey. They used a donkey," he told her, tossing her overnight case into the back seat.

She shrugged. "An ass is an ass," she said.


  1. She's quick that Katie :) I often wish I could think of fast comebacks in certain situations Norma, instead of after the event when there's no one around to hear :)

  2. You wrote this? I think I read this! In fact, I think I've read several of your Silhouettes, going by the image on your "Take my Books" page. Too cool!

    I remember that excellent last line---it became something of a catchphrase for a while. :D

    1. I don't recall if I read it, but I remember seeing it on my mom's coffee table -- will have to see if she still has it!

  3. @ William: I knew you'd like it!

    @ Grace: Believe me, there's a lot to be said for not being TOO quick. Things jump off my tongue before I can stop them sometimes....

    @ PT: Thank you!

    @ Cheryl: Thanks--I don't get called cute very often!

    @ Sarah: You've made my day--thank you so much!

  4. @ Hilary: That's what I was going for!

  5. @ Linda: She's in active labor. She's going through all kinds of extreme emotions. Pissed could definitely be in the mix.

  6. Very cute snippet! Love the characters you described--cartoonist, scruffy musician and toilet flushing cockatoo!

  7. You got me with the toilet flushing cockatoo!! Take care

  8. Ooh, he might take that wrong and take her to Bellvue instead!

  9. @ Evie: Hah! That would be a good one!

  10. Loved the metaphor!

    Hugs and chocolate!


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