Thursday, April 17, 2014

"They're Creepy and They're Kooky...."

Yep, that's the first line of the Addams Family theme.  And it fits my blog topic for today.

Those of you who have followed my blog for a while know that I've written about my less-than-wonderful neighbors before, so this post won't come as a surprise to you. I've dealt with unruly kids, parents who think their children should be allowed to do as they please, a nitwit who claimed to be doing a survey (the most bizarre survey I ever heard--so naturally, when he asked to come in, the answer was a resounding no), a guy who demanded I stop feeding the birds on my patio because his dogs were eating the seed--he refused to keep the dogs away from the patio, and a property employee who is so dumb, she doesn't seem to know when she's being rude and inappropriate.

Now, we have a sourpuss of an old woman whose patio looks like the entrance to a secondhand store (actually, it matches the one directly across from hers). For some reason, she brings her dog over to our place to do its business instead of using the designated area, which is equipped with a bag dispenser and bin for disposing of dog poop. I've never seen her pick up anything her dog does.

This morning, she and the dog were so close to our front door, she had to move aside so Collin could leave for work. (She moved, all right--over to the bedroom window.)  Her life must be awfully dull if she's hanging around here!

I know there are some good, decent, sane people living here...I just haven't met many of them!

We have chairs and a small table on our patio. We haven't used them since we've lived here. I can't imagine finding anything resembling relaxation on a warm spring or summer evening, the way I used to years ago, with a platoon of screaming kids practically running over us and the old gal and her dog in our faces. Nope--the only thing those chairs are doing now is collecting the leaves and trash the wind blows our way. Maintenance cleared that out yesterday, thankfully. I wonder how much in the way of dog crap they hauled away?


  1. Yes, you've got yourself a nosy neighbour. All you can do is speak to the manager.

    One must feel sorry for Maintenance.

  2. The dog poo problem is everywhere. Most of our neighbors pick up their dog's leavings, but two or three times a week, we find some in the yard. We put out bug poison yesterday in hopes of getting rid of the moles. I just hope the dog who's allowed to poop there doesn't get sick from it.

  3. What a huge mess and I know with no conclusion.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. I had a neighbor who used to let her dog do his business in my lawn. Then I started going out with a shovel and flipping it right back into their lawn.

    Then they stopped.

  5. One time I looked out my window just in time to see a neighbor letting her Husky poop on my lawn. I walked outside and asked her to pick it up. She said, "oh dear! I forgot my poop bags!" I suspect she expected me to hand her a bag. Instead, I gave her my best Cop Stare. She scurried home (about 7 houses down), returned with a bag and picked up her dog's poop.

    When neighbors are peeking in your window, is the very best time to do your handgun dry fire drills.

  6. @ William: Yes, the guys in maintenance really earn their paychecks!

    @ Cheryl: Living in an apartment complex, I expect to see dogs relieving themselves nearby. I just don't expect to have to dodge the old sourpuss at our door!

    @ Gayle: I could ask management to get her to hang around her own place, but now that she knows I'll report her if I find dog crap, I think she'll stay away.

    @ Mark: Now that's a good idea! I thought about sounding my air horn every time I find her too close to our door.

    @ Lynn: That's the best way to deal with them! I suspect she brought her dog over here because she thought she might get away with not picking up after it.

  7. Oh no, doesn't sound good.. drives me mad when I people walk their dogs and let them poop everywhere.. The air horn idea is it Norma, bet she won't bother you after a few scares :)

  8. Time for a good fence? Will the management allow those small border fences? She needs something that's obvious. I'm sure you can think of something more creative. LOL

  9. @ Grace: That's what I'm counting on!

    @ Eve: I don't think the apartment manager will let me put up a fence! (I wish!)

  10. I don't know the history of all this but is it possible to put up a tall fence?

  11. Hmmm, you do have a dilemma. Do you have a garden hose? Sprinkler? What would happen if it suddenly went off when someone's on your property and--ooopsy!!! My husband wouldn't hold back in telling these people to knock it off, but you have to live there among the kooks!

  12. @ Ivy: Unfortunately, I'm an apartment dweller. This is what I get for being too lazy to deal with my own home maintenance!

    @ Lorelei: I wish! The air horn will have to suffice, I guess!


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