Sunday, May 18, 2014

Snippet Sunday: A Bird, a Pig and a Dog Walked Into a Bar....

Today's snippet is from my upcoming book, Sam's Story: The Life and Times of a Tiny Bird with a Huge Personality. It's told from the point of view of my grey-cheeked parakeet, Sam. In this scene, our German shepherd, Schatzi, is having a disagreement of sorts with our potbellied pig, Iggy, after a calamity involving a building inspector....

"The guy told him he'd been attacked by a two-hundred-pound hog in the bedroom!"
Iggy was insulted. "Two hundred pounds? He needs his eyes examined--and his head, too, while he's at it!"

"You could stand to lose a little around the ham hocks," Schatzi laughed.

"Bite me, Bubblebutt!" Iggy snapped.

Schatzi almost did. "Just remember, I bite back," Iggy warned.

"You have no sense of humor," Schatzi grumbled.

"Not true. I happen to be a very funny pig," Iggy insisted. 


BLOG ALERT: Be sure you check out William's Godzilla review, as well as the beautiful tulips in his photoblog; and Grace's photos showcasing the work of another talented artist....


  1. I love that last line! I agree---he is a very funny pig, though maybe not exactly in the way he means. :D

  2. Such wonderful banter between the critters, Norma!

  3. This is a lot of fun. I love these types of stories.

  4. Awe, that's cute dialogue. I could stand to lose some around MY ham hocks. LOL

  5. Looking forward to reading more. I just came from Tulip
    land. Oh my gosh. So pretty.

  6. awwwwwww very nice and I have some tears in my eyes. Just so cute.

    cheers, parsnip

  7. Surely I can't be the only who needs to lose weight around their 'ham hocks' :) Funny thing is my sister asked me just today what I weighed.. 'Bite me' could have been my answer to that also :) I relate to Iggy pig!

  8. Oh, this sounds like a fun read! (And a fun household!)

  9. @ Sarah: She was pretty funny! She had a busload of fans looking forward to seeing her when my son came home from school!

    @ William: I used to wonder what they were saying to each other. Now, I'm thinking I was probably better off not knowing!

    @ Karysa and Cheryl: Thank you!

    @ Eve: Me too!

    @ Ivy: Tulipland is a beautiful place, isn't it?

    @ Gayle: Your boys no doubt have a story of their own to tell!

    @ Grace: I suspect most of us feel like Iggy Pig from time to time!

    @ PT: I once told my son I worried that Sam didn't handle change well. He said, "And he ended up in a traveling circus!"

  10. lol... sounds super cute!

    I've heard Godzilla is awesome ..... :)


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