Sunday, May 4, 2014

Snippet Sunday: Heaven Can't Wait!

Today's Snippet is from yet another of my Toni Collins romances, also soon to be an ebook. I originally titled it Miracles Still Happen, but my editor changed it to Miracle Dad. (When she asked me what I thought of it, I told her it sounded like salad dressing!) This is the story of a deceased father who gets permission to return to this world to help his two young children adjust to life without him...only to fall in love with their new adoptive mother....

He was really in Heaven. This came as quite a surprise to him, since he hadn't exactly been a believer while he was still among the living. "We've had to lower our standards in the past century," Michael, one of the senior angels, had admitted to Derek shortly after his arrival. "Otherwise, we'd end up with embarrassingly few new admissions. It would be humiliating to have the other team end up with everybody."

"So I got in by default," Derek concluded.

Michael nodded. If angels could blush, he probably would have. But then, Michael didn't look much like an angel--at least he didn't look like the angels in books, statues and paintings. He was small--short and quite thin--with shaggy brown hair and a beard, granny glasses faded jeans, and a white T-shirt bearing the Nike slogan Just Do It.


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  1. Now that's a version of an Angel Michelangelo must have overlooked!

    Should we paint him onto the ceiling of the Sistene Chapel?

  2. I love the description of Michael. Great snippet, Norma. :)

  3. Oh Norma.... just love this.
    And I sure hope for default in my case.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Great beginning for an angel book!

  5. That's a different looking angel for sure. Nice excerpt.

  6. I love the last line.

    Hugs and chocolate!

  7. Michael sounds like he just stepped off the set of Supernatural :) nice little snippet Norma, gives all of we 'not so perfect' beings hope of slipping through those gates :)

  8. Nice snippet, Norma, and I have to agree with you on the title. But, oh well.
    I thought the bit about admitting those who don't quite shine into heaven a funny little detail.LOL

  9. @ William: Not a good idea!

    @ Siobhan: Thank you! I had fun with that!

    @ Gayle: I wrote this as a comedy, but we do have a way for those of us who are unworthy (that is, all of us) to get in!

    @ Cheryl: Thanks!

    @ Elaine: Thank you!

    @ Shelly: You'd enjoy the rest of their conversation, then! (Special hug for you.)

    @ Sue Ann: Thank you!

    @ Grace: I'm guilty of putting not-so-subtle messages in most of my books. If in making readers laugh, I also make them think, all the better!

    @ Eve: Much appreciated!

    @ Lorelei: God loves all of us, especially, I think, those of us who don't really shine.

  10. What a great story! So you were doing Paranormal before it was the rage that it is today;). I enjoyed your snippet; also like your titles better. Miracle Dad does sound like salad dressing, lol!

  11. Thanks for the shout out. Much appreciated.

    Do you enjoy writing? I find it rather fun.


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