Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Where Are They Now? Following in the Footsteps of a Legend....

Of all of my past novels, the one I most often hear questions about is by far The Unicorn's Daughter (originally published by Berkley in 1990 as A Time for Legends). What happened to Jaime Lynde, Nicholas Kendall and James Lynde after the air strike in Libya back in 1986? I've been asked to write about them again...and that's the plan. If all goes according to plan, there's a series in their future.

James Lynde returned to the Middle East, to his life as a spy. He maintained contact with his daughter, but when duty called, he answered without hesitation. As much as Jaime loved her father, this left her more than a little resentful.

James Lynde died of natural causes in 1999.

She and Nicholas did marry, but her career as a photojournalist was an issue from the start. Nicholas didn't appreciate the frequent separations, and it took a toll on the marriage--as did Jaime's reluctance to have children. James Lynde's former boss, Harry Warner, tried to recruit Jaime, but she rejected him--until the events of 9/11 made her reconsider.

This was the final blow to her marriage. Nicholas filed for divorce and left the US as the new Ambassador to France.

Jaime still loved her husband and continued to hope for a reconciliation....


In the sequel, The Ides of March, Jaime will team up with a longtime colleague from her days as a photojournalist--Phillip Darcy from Chasing the Wind--to expose a plot to kill the President of the United States by an assassin within his own staff.


  1. From what I've seen of things you've written thus far, you've got a good direction to take Jaime!

    1. I hope so--she's always been one of my favorite creations!

    2. Do you have a least favorite creation?

  2. I am so excited to see (read) that you have taken these people onward.
    Plus as I have said many times I think Collins new cover is fabulous.

    Remember all the times I said I could not get your blog on to my side bar or dashbord ?
    So I finally put you on my e-mail page. Well today is the first day you popped up. Only took over 2 months to get blogger to work.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Thanks, Gayle!

      Two months? Blogger's improving!


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