Friday, July 3, 2015

Flashback Friday--Those Were the Days!

It took me a long time to scan photos, documents and other important items from the pre-technology era. I had at least a dozen file boxes full of stuff--I'm still trying to locate all of our remaining old photographs. Mom wasn't exactly the most organized person I've ever known--she stuck things everywhere. Looking for those photos requires the skill of an Indiana Jones.

Anyway, I did create a "Scrapbook" folder in one of my clouds. I thought a walk down memory lane for Flashback Friday might be fun....

A telegram I received from my agent after an
anxious month of waiting for my
first novel to be sold. She sent it to 12 publishers; 8 made offers.
The book went to Damaris Rowland at Berkley

First advance check (the advance was paid out in three payments).

Red roses from my editor for the first book; yellow for the two-book 
contract that came six months after the first!

Yep, I got the very first copy off the presses!

No, these weren't from the publisher.This arrangement was 
created by a fellow author for a party she threw to celebrate the publication
of that first novel!

And now, twenty-seven years later, that novel, Dance of the Gods, having had five printings at Berkley, is about to be reissued by my new publisher with a new cover and the original title (the one I gave it), Alexander's Empire.

Happy Flashback Friday, everyone!


  1. i've never seen a telagraph before...

    1. That just shows how long I've been doing this. I'm a dinosaur!

  2. What great memories! And so nice you kept the things to remind you!

  3. Incredibly exciting memories Norma.. I'm thinking the re release of your book will be the beginning of exciting new memories!

  4. These are great mementos to hold onto, Norma!

  5. Cheryl--I'm just glad I could digitize everything and preserve them before the ravages of time took their toll.

    Grace--re-releasing these books has meant more to me than I expected.

    William--if only they didn't remind me how long I've been doing this!

    Eve--you are special. But I have nothing to do with that!

  6. A very nice flashback, indeed. Where did time fly off to?

  7. Oh Norma, what a wonderful Flash Back Friday post !
    This is just so special, I am happy to know that you can release the books again with such great memories.
    Fabulous !

    cheers, parsnip

  8. Lorelei--they are, indeed.

    Shelly--the downside is that reminder of just how old I am!

    Gayle--thank you, my friend!


  9. What awesome memories these are! I'm impressed you're going back and scanning everything i have a bunch of film photos that I really should get around to doing that with...

    1. Aimee, it took us a LONG time to scan everything. But the storage space it saved us is a blessing--and I can now keep all of that stuff safe by putting everything in clouds and on memory cards to store in our safe deposit box.


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