Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pony Express Would Have Been Faster....

Last week, Collin was having issues with his smartphone. I recommended getting a dumb phone (calls, texts and photos only--I hear they're making a comeback), but he was underwhelmed by that idea. He went to Virgin Mobile's website to check out the available deals, and got such a good one, he ordered two. I get a new phone, too--good thing, since mine has been a little squirrely lately. (We don't do contracts. We discovered a long time ago that we can get good service, unlimited data, talk and text plans, and--a new one for me, unlimited calls to and from the US, Canada and Mexico.)

Collin was going to request expedited service, but we were planning to go to the movies on Friday, so I convinced him there was no hurry. I should have kept my mouth shut.

He was given a tracking number which enabled him to follow the package en route and know where it was at any given time. On Thursday evening, it showed the package leaving Indianapolis and arriving at the St. Louis sorting facility in Berkeley shortly before midnight.

Great. That meant it would be delivered on Friday. We decided to postpone our plans to see a movie until Monday. We were home all day Friday, waiting...waiting...for a package that never arrived.

According to the tracker on FedEx's website, the package still had an estimated Monday delivery. Estimated? The friggin' thing was already in St. Louis. Why was the delivery date "estimated?"

We order online all the time and never have this much trouble getting anything delivered. Amazon in particular always sends emails with a confirmed delivery date, via UPS or regular postal service. We don't have to sit home for days, wondering when they'll finally arrive.

I took to social media, voicing my concerns (read: bitching) on FedEx's Facebook page. I got an immediate response, and for a moment thought it might actually yield a positive result.

No such luck. After requesting order information (tracking number, address and phone number), we never heard another word from them. When Collin went back to their site to check on the package, it was confusing. It looked like the package might have been sent back to Indianapolis!

In short, it's taken this package longer to travel from the local distribution center to our place than it took to get from Indianapolis to St. Louis. Go figure.

This is not by any means the first time I've had trouble with FedEx. The first time was back in 1985--my agent sent me an overnight envelope guaranteed to arrive by 10:30am. Because we lived so close to the sorting center at that time, I received overnight letters and shipments around 8:30am most of the time.

On that particular morning, however, 10:30 came and went with no sign of delivery. Finally, I phoned my agent. She contacted FedEx, and discovered my overnight letter was in...Atlanta! To their credit, FedEx did somehow get the envelope to me that day. But their service certainly isn't what it used to be. 


A UPS driver once mistook a same-day delivery for which I'd paid $149.00 to be a ground shipment--and that one was urgent. Collin and I once chased a DHL delivery truck around our neighborhood, to no avail--until my agent put in a call and told his superiors that the guy was apparently lost. Things are bad when the US Postal Service is the reliable one.

Have you ever had problems with deliveries? Missing packages? Rude customer service? Damaged goods? 


  1. Of course I've had trouble with packages I sent over seas. Sometimes even buying insurance doesn't help. I usually send Christmas gifts round Thanksgiving and they get them by Valentine's! Well, did you get your phones?

  2. I think they're practicing to ship things to China first. It was a trial run.

  3. Sheesh! It would have been faster sending it via pilgrims in the Himalayas who travel by endlessly getting up, bowing down, lying down, and repeating as they travel to where they go. They might take three years to go a hundred miles.

  4. I feel for you!

    Actually, most of my deliveries come on time. A couple of times, I've had problems. I like UPS better than FedEx, and strangely enough, the USPS of late has been more reliable!

  5. Norma, your question was hilarious. Consider my age. I've encountered all of that. Good luck with the phones.

  6. Oh No what a mess.
    I am so spoiled by Amazon. But I have had great delivery in Tucson even with a long up hill, bad for big truck driveway. And all the delivery people are so nice. I am super lucky.
    In California all delivers were a mess but the United States Post Office.

    So who do you use for your phone if you don't have a contract.
    cheers, parsnip

  7. My husband has a flip phone, no contract. 30 dollars for 60 days. He loves it. I got a dumb phone for 20 bucks. Nooooooo contract.

    We are not into mobile phones. But we're ditching the land line.

  8. Eve: We did get the phones, and they're great. As for FedEx, I'm Fed Up!

    Shelly: You're probably right!

    William: It's frustrating!

    Cheryl: I'm with you. Who would ever have thought the Postal Service would end up the reliable one?

    Mari: When the package arrived, I checked it for bullet holes.

    Gayle: We use Virgin Mobile. The phones were $40 each (Kyocera Hydro Vibes), the service $45/month each, and it's unlimited talk/text/data plus unlimited calls to and from the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

    Ivy: I almost went back to a dumb phone. My Kindle does everything I need. But I love the new phone.

  9. Not so much me Norma, I don't order much on line, but I'm sure you've guessed... Aimee buys heaps :) and yes she's had a few problems with her order taking way too long!

  10. Not so much me Norma, I don't order much on line, but I'm sure you've guessed... Aimee buys heaps :) and yes she's had a few problems with her order taking way too long!

  11. Not so much me Norma, I don't order much on line, but I'm sure you've guessed... Aimee buys heaps :) and yes she's had a few problems with her order taking way too long!


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