Tuesday, August 25, 2015

No, I'm Not Dead. I'm Told That Can't Happen Without a Silver Bullet!

Let's see...I haven't posted in...two weeks? Longer? 

I do have a good excuse reason for being MIA, really. Several good reasons, actually. One, I don't like to post just to be posting. I've done too many of those already. I like to post when I actually have something to say. Lately, though, everything I say has been punctuated by a lot of groaning. I've been seeing all kinds of warnings about ibuprofen and the risk factors for stroke and heart attacks on TV and on the internet. I'd been using ibuprofen regularly (six pills a day, every day) for arthritis. But since I've already had one heart attack (a very mild one, almost fifteen years ago) and am at risk for both heart attacks and strokes, I immediately switched from ibuprofen to acetaminophen. The trouble is that the latter does absolutely nothing for arthritis, so most days I'm in constant pain and can barely walk around the apartment. 

Hard to be creative while in that much pain.

The second reason I'm behind on blog posts is that I'm working on illustrations for Sam's Story. Yes, my hands are still shaky and the arthritis makes it difficult to draw, but I found an app for my Kindle that seems to have solved my problems nicely. We'll see. I haven't shown the illustrations to the publisher yet!

And then there's reason number three: I think I might have mentioned this before, but I'm revamping my WordPress blog for something new that will probably be launched sometime next month. I'm going to post condensed versions of my upcoming novels (and maybe some of the backlist too, we'll see how that goes). The blog title and header image will change according to which book is being featured. Basic stuff--author bio, contact info, links for purchasing books, bestseller lists, reviews, etc. will run in the sidebar. It's proven to be a lot more involved (a lot more work!) than I'd anticipated.

I realize some of you have difficulties posting comments on Word Press, even though I've set my blog to accept comments from everyone (with moderation), so if you want to comment but can't do it there, feel free to post your comments here. They'll be seen--and much appreciated! And I'll be posting links here when new posts are up there.

I do hope you'll check it out!


Sunday, August 9, 2015

A New Look for a Not-So-New Book!

Final Hours was originally published back in 2009. It was a risky undertaking, a story with a male protagonist who was an adulterer facing a hard decision at the (literal) end of the world. When I finished it--in six weeks, it's a short novel--I told Collin I wanted a simple cover. Just an hourglass. But we found both the title and the cover were misleading to some readers. So now, with a new publisher, we have a new cover--using Collin's original idea and building on that.

What do you all think?


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Welcome to Geezerworld!

Yep, it's that time of year again. I'm another year older. I wasn't going to mention it, but since William already outed me on his blog, and there are birthday messages all over my Facebook page, I might as well 'fess up. Besides, since Collin was off the past two days, I don't have any new posts ready. (We have a new project in the works that will be unveiled in about a month...or two. Stay tuned!)

(Collin created this for me last night....)

Today, I am officially a fossil. The biggest advantage to being my age is that Indiana Jones is now looking for me. I hope he finds me soon. I left a trail!

Recently, a friend and I talked about all the things we don't have to deal with now that we're older. I don't color my hair anymore--let the gray come! I usually don't wear makeup--and when I do, it's just a little. I can't remember the last time I was "dressed up"--I live in T-shirts and shorts or jeans. I'm single, so I do what I want when I want, as long as Collin's available to go with me. (I can't go out alone. If I fall, I really can't get up again!)

I am, as I have been for the past thirty-one years, a full-time writer. I no longer write as fast as I used to, but I no longer have to adhere to deadlines. Yay! I try to blog twice a week, but that pretty much depends upon whether or not I feel I have something to say. Posting just for the sake of posting isn't my style. I've slowed down, but I'm okay with that. After all, I'm now eligible for Social Security!

I've grown up a little bit. My temper is no longer a problem--I still have one, but I'm better able to control it. I can walk away from idiots without responding to them, verbally or physically. (Now, William is the one who's always getting himself suspended from Facebook. I haven't even been reprimanded. So far. Maybe I'm not making enough of an effort....)

The downside? All of my "dates" are with doctors. My calendar currently includes notes about making appointments with my neurologist, a dermatologist, a physical therapist, a gynecologist...having a bone density test...complaining to the pharmacy about being overcharged for a prescription.... Fun, huh?

Walking isn't as easy as it used to be. I have to use a cane to get up and down from curbs, steps without handrails, and too often, when using public restrooms. Public transportation can be a hazardous undertaking. Some days, I'm lucky if I can even walk to our bathroom! Everything aches. I sleep way too much. My concentration isn't what it used to be. But memory loss, in certain instances, can be a good thing. There are people and events in my past that I would be happy to be able to forget!

I wanted to age the way my father did. At seventy-seven, just months before his death, he was still as sharp as ever. He could walk without any kind of assistance. And even though he smoked most of his life and went through a period of heavy drinking after retirement, he didn't have a trace of cancer. 

I, however, ended up following Mom's path. Sedentary most of her life, she ended up overweight, diabetic and with circulation issues. She had mini-strokes for a time before the first big one came. She had trouble walking even before the strokes. 

But you know what? I've realized I don't have to suffer Mom's fate. I can still make changes that will improve my quality of life. I can set a better example for Collin than Mom did for me.

Do I mind getting older? No. Okay, Most of the time, no. Except when I see the names of people  with whom I grew up in the newspaper. In the obituaries....