Thursday, October 22, 2015

And Now a Word from Our Sponsor....

I'm behind on posting again, I know. Good thing I'm not doing this for a living. I would have been fired by now.

I have a nasty case of Kindle elbow. It's like tennis elbow, only it's caused by holding a Kindle for long periods of time. It gets all puffy and painful and makes me whine a lot. Not a pretty thing to witness--just ask Collin. But it's improving, so I hope to be back here posting by Monday. One of these days, I might actually maintain a regular blogging schedule!

For now, however, I want to let everyone know that Chasing the Wind is current on sale at Amazon (ebook only--I don't think Creativia ever runs sales on the paperback editions). If you haven't already read it and would like to, it's $.99 now through October 21st.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. It is an outstanding book!

    Kindle elbow should be soon appearing in medical journals everywhere.

  3. Kindle Elbow ! ! !
    I one illness I do not have. Yea Me !
    You rest that elbow now right now ... no do not pick up the kindle in fact step away step away from the kindle NOW !

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Eve and Shelly: Thanks!

    William: I'm surprised it hasn't already!

    Gayle: It's been getting a lot of rest. Maybe too much!

  5. Hope your elbow is a wee bit better Norma, another reason I'll never have a Kindle, they look dangerous :)

  6. Hope your sales go through the roof, Norma!

  7. Grace: Not dangerous at all, unless one never puts it down. It's my own fault. I do almost everything on my tablets or phone. Collin's computer drives me crazy. It's slower than the tablets, so I end up screaming at it. I have no patience.

    Lorelei: You're back! I just posted at Writers Mayhem the other day, asking if anyone had heard from you!

  8. Sounds like tennis elbow to me! Are you sure you haven't been running around playing too much tennis???

  9. Cheryl: Whatever it is, I hope the orthopedic surgeon gives it the same treatment he gave my knee!

    Hilary: I figured it was probably common to those of us who use tablets and smartphones a lot.


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