Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

It's that time of year again. Party, eat too much candy, and then get an extra hour of sleep when you set your clocks back. You're going to need it!

Trick or Treat!!! 


  1. Sorry Norma I should have remembered that you were close friends with Bob and Carolyn :) happy Halloween.

  2. The extra hour of sleep seems to be falling rather early this year. Happy Hallowe'en!

  3. happy halloween!
    I can't sleep through the night with our without an extra hour

  4. Grace: Nothing to be sorry about!

    William: It'll be happy if I get that extra hour. I'm seriously sleep-deprived!

    Hilary: Sleep deprivation?

  5. hahahahahahahahahahaha....
    No messing around. We here in Arizona (Mountain Standard Time) never change our clocks.
    I remember the last three years living in California the time changed really affected me. Much like jet lag. Do not know why but I was just blah
    for such a long time trying to adjust.
    It gets darker here at night now but who cares it is winter, just turn on a light.
    Happy Happy Halloween.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Gayle: I really hate the spring forward part, where we lose an hour--but I love gaining an hour of sleep every autumn!

  6. I was all for the idea of an extra hour of sleep but puppy Clover was unwilling to play along. Twice a year I have a new reason to be annoyed by the pointless messing with the clocks.

  7. Had root beer floats & pizza while watching marathon of the old classics. Had fun. Woke up at usual time. Now, I've got a whole extra hour to get things done. Riiiight.

  8. We've been preparing for the extra hour by sleeping later the past few mornings!

    Hope you had a good Halloween! We did, with twenty or so trick-or-treaters showing up! They look so cute in their little costumes!

  9. Lynn: Spring's the change I take issue. I'm already sleep-deprived. I can't afford to lose an hour!

    Lorelei: That sounds like a fun night!

    Cheryl: We hide out from the neighborhood kids here.

  10. Happy Belated Halloween! We prepared for the anschluss and had lots and lots of candy!! We went from no trick'er treaters for ten years, to hundreds. Hope you and Collin had fun too.

  11. Hope you had a Happy Halloween! Both kids were out of town on Saturday, so hubby and I went on a date during the day, but we were home to pass out candy in the evening. But we only had three groups of kids:(.

  12. Eve: We didn't have any kids. The kids in our complex all know better than to come anywhere near our door!

    Maria: A Halloween date night sounds like the best idea!


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