Monday, October 5, 2015

Rejoining the Real (Read: Cyber) World!

I'm going to try to post here twice a week. Once a week, at least. I'm trying. But I'm writing again, believe it or not, and that's taking most of my time. As proof, I offer a link to my newly-relaunched writer blog over on Wordpress....

I'm going to be posting condensed versions of upcoming books, along with interviews with other authors, reviews, and other writer-related stuff. (I don't have to sound professional here. I know I'm among friends.) First up: An Army of Angels, which is finally going to be finished, probably by early next year! And though the cover doesn't reflect it yet, Collin is considering joining me as co-author again. 

There will always be links to those posts here, so it will be easy for any of you who want to can read them. Anyone who can't post comments on Wordpress are more than welcome to post your comments here!



  1. Good. If you can stay on track then so can I. ***struggling***

  2. I seem to have trouble with Wordpress and will comment here.

  3. WOW !
    Great news. I am very excited at the news that you are writing again.

    A big YeaHaw from Tucson !
    cheers, parsnip

  4. Thanks, Hilary!

    The first post is already up. New one tomorrow.


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