Sunday, June 26, 2016

Never Ask, "What Else Can Possibly Go Wrong?"

I'm a couple of days late posting. I wasn't sure I'd have anything to post at all, but Collin provided me with a new meme....

It just seemed appropriate, with Independence Day: Resurgence having just been released and Trump's position on illegal immigrants.

Collin is finding it harder and harder to go to work every day. He has physical therapy for the arthritis in his knees, ankles and feet, but one day at work sends him back to square one.  He comes home from work barely able to walk. With two years to go for his degree, it's hard for him to find a job that won't have him on his feet all day.

I'm also having PT for my bum knees--but hey, this sort of thing goes with getting old, doesn't it? What came as a surprise was my doctor's discovery that I have an enlarged spleen. I didn't see that coming, in spite of the vague discomfort in my back and ribcage. She ordered blood work, which is normal, so now I get to have a CT scan. Fun. Actually, no fun. She tells me it may be nothing at all--sometimes, the spleen gets huge for no apparent reason.

I wonder if that goes with getting old, too?

Friday, June 17, 2016

Blog Shortcut on One of the Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer

I had several ideas for posts but didn't get any of them written yet. But I have a good excuse. Drumroll, please...a few days ago, I completed my first manuscript in seven years (well, technically, it was a reformatted and edited manuscript lifted, literally, from one of my old books, but it was a tough job) and emailed it to my publisher!

 (The above images aren't mine, 
but having found them on Google Images
I'm not sure who gets the credit.
Those below are Collin's work.)

The book I just delivered is Ms. Maxwell and Son, the first of my nine Silhouette Romance novels. This is the cover Silhouette used. I don't know yet what the Creativia cover will look like! 

So for this week's post, we have the creative talents of my son Collin, who's been following the Stanley Cup finals (since the San Jose Sharks eliminated our St. Louis Blues, we were rooting for the Pittsburgh Penguins--this year's champions). 

He also took a couple of shots at our less than spectacular Presidential candidates (again)....

Have a good weekend, everybody!


Friday, June 10, 2016

If You Want to Learn from a Snarky Billionaire....

...forget about Donald Trump. If you've been living under a rock or on another planet or in some alternate universe where Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are forbidden to run for office ever, there is an alternative to the questionable Trump University....

 Looks can be deceiving....

 So this is where Marketing Chimps come from!

 Now this is downright scary!

A Trump U. diploma....

Isn't worth the paper it's printed on!
If you want to learn how to succeed from a billionaire, learn from the best: Tony Stark, self-professed genius/billionaire/playboy/philanthropist--who also saves the world in his spare time with his fellow Avengers. 

 Better looking than Trump, smarter than Trump
...and probably richer!

 And no, he's NOT talking about Hillary!

                                                      Don't ask!

(You probably have to be a fan of Marvel superheroes to get it....)


Sunday, June 5, 2016

Nope, Not Missing In Action...Yet!

I just realized I didn't post anything on Friday. I'm betting nobody noticed, but in case anybody did, it's been another weird week. I do have something to post now, however. Today begins another ebook promo: Alexander's Empire is only $.99 today through Friday at Amazon. If you want a copy, now's the time!

6/7/16 update: Hmmmm...not bad for an old book....

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