Friday, July 15, 2016

Ask Yourself...What Do You Really Believe?

It’s promo time again!
This time, it’s Chasing the Wind. The ebook is just $.99 at Amazon now through July 19th.


From the publisher:

Deep in the Sinai, archaeologist Lynne Raven seeks proof of the Exodus. She unearths an ancient text foretelling of a prophet, sent to defeat an approaching darkness. Her path soon crosses with that of Connor MacKenzie, an attractive yet distant geneticist. 

Meanwhile, around the globe, children are being abducted at an alarming rate. All are between the ages of five and six. All are extraordinarily gifted. And all were conceived in vitro. 

One thing connects them all—the truth about Connor MacKenzie. 

Exploring the fine line between good and evil, Chasing the Wind is an outstanding novel about love, faith, and destiny in the modern age.


  1. Thanks Norma, tomorrow when I get up I'll check out the Amazon site.

  2. It is an excellent read, and I still love the cover!

  3. Norma, what a great deal and I like the cover also.

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

  4. Hope you sell scads of these! Lovely cover!

  5. Grace: Thank you!

    William: Also thank you. I love the cover, too!

    Gayle: Thank you as well!

    Lynn: My publisher runs these deals for all the books periodically.

    Cheryl: Thank you on both counts!

  6. Love this deal. Thanks! And also, Happy Selling!

  7. Replies
    1. I bought it that day. I'm starting to read fiction again. And I'm so groovin' the Kindle books. Thanks again for the killer good price.

    2. Thank you, Ivy! The only thing I like better than Kindle books is Audible books.

    3. I used to love those when I traveled. They were wonderful. I never read the Harry Potters, but Tim has, anyway, at night, he has been reading them out loud. Very fun.

      Thanks for stopping by today. Happy Weekend :-)


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