Friday, October 14, 2016

Why Are Fictional Presidents Always Better Than Real Ones?

The answer to that question is a simple one. Writers control our fictional characters. God gave humans free will--which hasn't always worked out so well for all of us.

In Air Force One, Harrison Ford battled terrorists...

In Independence Day, Bill Pullman battled aliens...

In Designated Survivor, Kiefer Sutherland became President by default when just about everyone else in Washington was killed during the sitting President's State of the Union speech...

In The American President, Michael Douglas dealt with a Republican opponent...

In The West Wing, Martin Sheen dealt with more "normal" issues...

In House of Cards, Kevin Spacey just disposed of anyone who got in his way--but he was still better than Donald Trump!

And then there are our real-life choices for President. In less than a month, we get to choose the lesser of two evils!

Don't forget to vote!

Postscript: All but the first on the Trump/Hillary memes were created by my talented son Collin. And for a twist, my author blog today is focused on nonfiction....


  1. I think this is exactly the problem Norma, just one of the many, with Chump, he's treating the whole thing as a reality TV show, with himself as the star, of course, and willing to do or say anything to get the ratings up. People power is the only way to save the world from destruction ☺ . Every voting demographic that he's insulted, although many don't have the intelligence to realise they actually have been insulted, must get out and make use of their right to vote and get rid of this monster once and for all! If I was a US citizen I would be first in line ☺

    1. Trump is a master manipulator. He preys on the fears of most people: terrorism, the loss of personal freedom (particularly religious freedom), open borders, illegal immigrants. He promises the world but will likely actually give them nothing. Trump is all about Trump. He's an arrogant swine. This isn't news, so I can't understand why anyone has fallen for his BS. He's admitted he's all about winning. His business dealing prove he's always out for number one. For a man with an advanced degree from one of our most prestigious universities, he talks like he didn't even finish high school!

      Hillary is far from an ideal candidate, but when one considers the alternative....

    2. Gosh I am totally flabbergasted Norma, I didn't realise he actually had been to university.. one would never think so by the way he speaks and acts!

    3. Surprising, isn't it? He talks (and acts) like someone who didn't even finish high school!

  2. Hard to pick a favourite from between the Event Horizon and The Final Conflict.

    And just this morning out comes word that he called Marlee Matlin retarded. Just when you think he's reached the bottom of the barrel, he keeps going lower and lower.

    Hillary has her issues, but comes out like roses compared to him.

    1. I heard that. Trump's ignorance seems endless.

      He reminds me of a schoolyard bully...or the kid who, when caught in an act of wrongdoing, responds with, "Well, he did it first...."

  3. Sadly, we're probably headed for computerized robotic drones as leaders.

  4. Either one will be horrific.
    I remember all the crap the clintons did when in the White House. (I still wonder where all the bodies are and who killed them) plus all the stuff they stole that the police after them to get it back. OMG !
    you think trump is uncouth (he is) but they are worst.
    billary just has a thin candy coating to hid of her crap.
    Hands out insert money.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Ah-hahah! Sanctioned, is the word, I believe, 007. Make it look like he tripped over his comb-over and fell off the top of one of his buildings.

  6. Love the Queen's photo as she talks to 007! Were it only that simple!

  7. I haven't seen most of those movies. I'm so far behind in my movie watching fun.

  8. Gayle: We don't have a lot of options. But we did survive Bill's presidency. I don't think we'd survive a Trump Presidency. The man's an idiot! He wants Saturday Night Live cancelled because they made fun of him!

    Lorelei: That's funny! You should write a blog post about it!

    Cheryl: It can't be done without a silver bullet!

    Ivy: That's the one thing I'm not behind on!

  9. Hey, I was gonna work on that little pile I told you about last night but instead, today I went out and about. And guess what? I pumped gas again today with no major problems.


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