Wednesday, November 30, 2016

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...Chia-Pets???

The Christmas shopping season has officially begun. I saw a TV ad for Chia-Pets yesterday. Yes, they're still around. Which makes me wonder: does anybody really give these things as Christmas gifts?

Would you give this to someone as a gift?
I think we need to forget about the election,
not have a constant reminder around!
This is a teddy bear? I
thought it was a pig!

Every year, I promise myself I will not venture out from Thanksgiving until after New Year's, except for groceries, restaurants, and one very special December event. This year, I made an exception. I thought I'd finished my Christmas shopping--then I remembered one thing I wanted to get for Collin at Walmart. He wanted to get lunch at Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers, which is near Walmart, so....

I was surprised. Walmart wasn't busy at all. But then, it was Cyber Monday. I'm guessing all of the shoppers were online that day. How's that for timing?

Now I'm finished with Christmas shopping. And look what we got at Raising Cane's! Isn't he cute?

For anyone who doesn't already know, Raising Cane's is named for the founder's dog. Animal welfare is the company's favorite cause, and they're selling these White Elephant Puppies to raise money for local animal support organizations. I'm told that our favorite Cane's raises money for no kill shelters. Maybe I'll go buy a few more to give to friends. If you enjoy tender, juicy chicken and love animals, Raising Cane's is the place to eat!

The shopping is done, but there's still a lot to do to get ready for Christmas. This year, I'm doing a Christmas letter. I've never done one before but always wanted to. I'm one of those people who stopped sending out Christmas cards a long time ago. When I was a kid, we got dozens of cards, but as postage prices elevated, there were fewer and fewer cards each year. The consensus was that it was a waste to buy and mail cards that would just be thrown away after the holidays. For the past six years, I had an account with American Greetings, from which I sent ecards. No postage stamps needed and better for the environment. (I wonder how many cards end up in landfills every year?) I closed the account a few weeks ago, when a mandatory password change left me locked out of my account. After a week of frustration and getting nowhere with customer support at AG, I closed the account.

Good time to do that Christmas letter, right? It'll be fun. I hope.

We're putting up the tree on Sunday--on our dining room table. Yep, on the dining room table. We have a small tree--we got it twenty-two years ago when our previous tree was left behind during a move. An idiot cousin who's a Jehovah's Witness deliberately left our tree in the basement at the old place (Witnesses don't celebrate Christmas), as if that was going to make us stop putting up a tree every year. By the time we realized our tree was gone, we were only able to get this little tree at Target, a last-minute purchase. 

There's a story behind Noelle, our little tree, behind why we never replaced her with a bigger tree, but I'll save that for a post closer to Christmas.

If you're wondering why we're putting the tree on the dining room table, we live in a small apartment. Our TV takes up a lot of space, including the spot where we used to put the tree (we're seriously considering moving to a larger place in the spring and buying an even bigger TV). We don't use the dining room table for anything else. I can't sit in the hard chairs for any length of time, and Collin likes the table we use in the living room. He likes to watch TV while eating. The best thing about a tree like ours is that it's not time consuming. Putting it up and decorating it takes a half-hour tops.

It's not like Christmas was when I was a kid, but we're happy with our new traditions. Are you ready for Christmas?


  1. I can't picture myself being friends with someone who thinks chia pets are a great idea. And yes, the stuffed dog is cute!

    1. We used to buy them as gag gifts, but there was always a real gift too, keeping us from getting killed!

  2. Not ready for anything except maybe a better year. Wonder if those chia seeds work on human heads? I think I ate at Raising Canes in Vegas, and it was yummy. Are you moving out of the area?

    1. You want a head full of cat grass?

      No, just into a bigger apartment. Our Minions need their own room.

  3. Yes and no. All my shopping has been done, what little I do. I ordered on line. It is hard for me to get out.
    Cards are finally done. Need to address them International first, then the rest I need to wrap some gifts now get them boxed and sent to the UK and Japan.
    Running somewhat late this year but not doing to bad. Tree goes up next week and the decorations.
    Love Love Love the gud dug.
    I hope you can move away from the awful neighbors.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. We'll still be in the same apartment complex, just a different apartment. But there are over 300 apartments, so maybe we'll be far enough away from the Village Idiots.

  4. I think everyone adapts their Christmas ideas as time goes by Norma. For the first time in ages I've bought a real Christmas tree this year, won't be able to bring it in and decorate it until closer to the day, but that suits me fine 😊 before Aimee bought her own place, she insisted the tree went up on the 1st December, now she puts her own tree up 😊 I think you and Collin will have a super Christmas just the way you like it!

    1. When it was just the two of us, we decided to scale back. Most of the time, we know what we're getting each other for Christmas in advance. But we still enjoy the day. We watch Christmas movies, have a nice dinner and remind ourselves what Christmas is really all about.

  5. Every year I find myself hoping that somebody will give me a chia pet. LOL


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