Monday, December 19, 2016

Autumn Came Late to Our Part of Town (No, Seriously)

Here it is, less than a week before Christmas, and I finally have some photos of the fall colors to show (actually, Collin took these because he's always got his phone in his hand, and I rarely take mine out of my bag while we're out). 

I was starting to think autumn had passed us by completely. Either the leaves weren't changing, or they were falling from the trees before they changed color. I was seeing so many beautiful images online and wondering why we didn't have any. Then, finally, the color started to come.... 

Better late than never, I guess!


  1. Beautiful shots!

    That red is such a lovely sight to behold- weird to think of it being so late, but that's more because of when I'm used to having it happen. I did wonder if we'd get a good year, mostly because of the dry summer.

  2. These are beautiful pictures. Where I live in FLorida, there is some change in the trees.

    1. I didn't think the most southern states would see much change.

  3. Wonderful Colors !
    When will the snow come ?
    I just received your card and I adore your return address !

    cheers, parsnip


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