Monday, September 11, 2017

All Aboard the Medical Merry-Go-Round!

First, we were told too much sitting is bad for us. It increases the risk for some cancers, type 2 diabetes and other medical issues. Stand more, the medical community told us. You'll live longer. Now, it seems too much standing can lead to heart disease, according to a recent Canadian study.

What's left? Lying down all day? I could get on board with that.

I saw a comment online from someone in their late seventies who says he ignores all the studies. He eats whatever he wants in moderation--including junk food--and gets moderate exercise. Late seventies? He seems to have done something right.

Think about it. How many studies have contradicted each other over the years? First, a fatty diet was bad. Then it was carbs. Don't eat chocolate, they said. Then we were told chocolate is good for us--dark chocolate, anyway. Don't use whole milk--skim is better (for the record, skim tastes like water). Now, whole milk is not only okay, but better, according to some researchers. Eggs were taboo for years. Now it's okay to eat eggs. Soda is bad. Drink diet soda--now, diet soda is the villain.

And then there are the medications that are supposed to help us deal with some of the health problems that can result for eating or drinking some of those things we've been consuming. Have you seen the TV ads? 

Looks good, until you get the long list of side effects and warnings that come with just about every drug on the market. Makes you want to run to your doctor and ask for a prescription, doesn't it?

It makes me want to STOP taking some of the stuff I'm currently using.


  1. You left out avocados were bad, now they are good. I am so thankful I do not take those other medications. I was "offered" one for my osteoporousis. I looked up the side effects, and called the doctor's office back. "No, thank you," I said. It was the same reason I had to stop taking the other medication for it. I am on a spray, but it hasn't down much.

  2. Doctor gave me one month off but I still have side effects. So worried. Best not to complain about anything. Lol

  3. There are far fewer medicine ads in Canada. Which pleases me to no end.

    1. They do so many here, they charge more for the meds to pay for the stupid ads!

  4. Hate the med ads.... plus so many of the side effect are what you are trying to fix.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. My mother in law always used to say 'everything in moderation' she might have been onto something 😀

  6. Yep. Coffee was bad for you, then it was good for you. It might be bad for you again.

    All I know for sure is that I've got a cheer playing in my head. "Stand up, sit down, fight fight fight!"

  7. I HATE those commercials, and when I hear what else they might do, I'm thankful I don't need them. And the studies, when you look into WHO is paying for those studies, you'll understand why they say this or that is bad for you.
    I eat dark chocolate because I like it. I drink wine, but not red. I'm not a vegan. I quit Atkins because I found I could make better snack bars that had only a few ingredients in it w/o all the added crap.
    As for me sitting, I sit for my job (bus driving), and for my writing, or art. But during the warm months I'm an absolute whirlwind of activity in the yard. It takes me about a half hour to water everything, having to carry heavy watering cans around the yard. Not to mention the creation of gardens(3 this year), where I did all the digging and hauling of dirt, bricks, sand, etc.
    This winter, I'm going to do things differently. I've got some exercises I can do. Core is what's important, especially for women who don't get enough exercise.
    I turned 63 in August, and still feel like 45. Must be from my dad's genes.

    1. So do I!

      I turned 64 in August--and I'm much more sedentary than I should be. I used to love to dance, but arthritis put a stop to that. Now, I have a stationary bike...but sometimes, the seat is hard on the old butt.

    2. Ah, so we're both Virgos?
      I can't sit in my writing chair long. My tailbone suffers. I keep on saying maybe this year I can get a lap top (so I can sit anywhere), but something always comes up--usually a lot of somethings!


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