Monday, September 24, 2018

Shall We Try This Again...and Again...and Again?

I keep telling myself I'm going to buckle down and make posts on a regular basis, but as you can see, so far that plan has been a dismal failure. In my own defense, however, the last couple of weeks have been exceptionally busy.

Okay, it was busy for Collin. I slept through most of it. I'm training for the nonexistent Olympic Power Napping team. I think I'm a shoo-in for the gold medal!

A few months ago, Collin and I made the decision to leave our publisher, Creativia, and go back to self-publishing. Collin has been getting his degree in business administration, and he's done exceptionally well in marketing courses, so he's really into doing all the business stuff this time around--from packaging to marketing. he handles all the non-writing stuff in addition to collaborating on the research and brainstorming ideas. He did the new cover for Alexander's Empire:

The novel, for those of you who haven't read it, was set in the 1980s, and the World Trade Center was one of the most important settings.
He also created new headers for my Facebook page, like this one (it'll have to be altered for Twitter): 

Over the next several weeks, we'll be re-releasing The Unicorn's Daughter, Alexander's Empire and Angels at Midnight. I chose to not reissue the rest of my backlist--the old series romances just aren't selling well enough to make the work involved worthwhile. The other two single titles, well, now that I look at them twenty-five years after publication, I just don't think they were all that good. I see how much I've changed as a writer, and it makes me think that my characters, were they real people, would have changed, too--so we'll find out, if I can get off my butt and write the series!

We're not only back at Amazon, we're also now publishing with Smashwords. Once the books are approved for their premium catalog, they'll also be available through Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and other outlets. They'll be available through public libraries. And Smashwords offers the audiobook option, which I've always wanted.

And I still don't have to do the grunt work! Yay! 



  1. Sounds like you've got a good plan in place!

    1. Only if I can manage to follow through this time!

  2. Fabulous, wonderful, exciting and gud news !
    Like the latest doctor said to me , do what you can in small increments.
    Be Well.

    cheers, parsnip and badger

    1. I nap in small increments. All day long, unfortunately!

  3. I was wondering how you were Norma. There's nothing worse than feeling exhausted all the time.. I was like that last year, turned out I had a seriously low iron count, couple of iron infusions and all good. I'm guessing your iron level has been checked? Wonderful to hear that Collin did so well with the business administration degree, you two work really well as a team ✨

    1. I've had that problem before. Years ago, Collin and I went to the hospital to see my mom. I passed out in the lobby and ended up in the emergency room.

      Now, I take iron pills and meds for low thyroid.

      Collin is really enjoying doing the books. He's considering trying to publish books with photos or illustrations.

  4. That's a nice cover. I had no idea you left Creativia. Just wondering why. I would, if I knew how to make good covers, get the document the way it needs to be, market etc. I'm just not willing to put that much effort into it. I'm lazy that way. Good that you have such a good son. Back when I was just doing it myself, I couldn't get sales. So, I've gotta have some sort of publisher.
    Good luck!
    Oh, and have great naps!

    1. I think Creativia has done good work for their authors. I had issues with their cover artist, but Miika was always good to work with.

      My main issue, though, was their exclusivity with Amazon. I like Smashwords because they offer things we can't get by going solely with Amazon.


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