Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Pick a Path and Stick to It, Already!

Eventually, I'm going to get back into a blogging routine. Eventually, I'm going to choose a direction and stick with it.

Or so I keep telling myself.
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First, Collin and I decided to part ways with our publisher. We were going to self-publishing again. We were going to (finally) do the series. I was going to write a memoir.

Then, we decided An Army of Angels should be the series title. I thought Riding out the Storm should be the new title of the second book in the series. Chasing the Wind, Riding out the Storm--no, all of the books will not have weather-related titles. This just worked for this particular book. The memoir, if I ever finish it, will need a new title.

So far, so good. But yesterday, during church services, I started thinking that maybe we shouldn't republish the old books at all. I only did it to start with because I wanted ebook copies for myself. They're still available in the original paperback format from third-party sellers. Crazy, huh?

I've changed as a person and as a writer in the years since those books were published. A friend, a fellow author, someone I've known for most of my career, commented that Chasing the Wind is very different from my old books. That made me wonder if reissuing my backlist was such a good idea. Would it confuse readers? Would anyone who might like my new books not give them a chance if they didn't like my past novels?

I told Collin what I was thinking. He agreed that it might be best to just move forward. So maybe I'm not nuts after all.

Now to actually write some new stuff! (Yeah, I know....)
Postscript: It's been one of those weekends.  There's dog poop on our patio--but we don't own a dog. I scratched an itch on my leg the other day and our living room ended up looking like a crime scene.It was just a little scratch, for crying out loud! Where did all that blood come from, anyway? (Photos of the bloodbath are on my Facebook page.)



  1. Saw the crime scene and that happens to my Steve all the time. To the tune of no more high thread count sheets, expensive duvets or comforters. One tiny scratch from a rose bush, while gardening and it's over. Maybe you've developed sensitive skin.Hope the rest of the week is much,much better.

    1. My doctor looked at the photos and said, "Oh, you're a bleeder."

      I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Throughout childhood, I had terrible nosebleeds that landed me in the ER. A few years before Collin was born, I was hospitalized because my platelet count was too low. I had surgery 18 years ago to correct a problem for severe anemia.

  2. As you say, people can still find the old books through third parties. I recall you mentioned that you might have nicked a vein with the leg.

    1. I did nick a vein--there are some in my lower legs that are too close to the surface.

      I think I was spending too much time on the old books and not enough trying to figure out what wasn't working with the WIP. I may have finally figured it out. Maybe.

  3. Gosh it's been quite a time for you Norma.. so much to think about re your writing and then the blood gusher on top of it all 😱 I was thinking about it and I have to say I really enjoyed you books, a lot.. but I'm a great believer in moving forward. I think you should start fresh with a whole new idea. Let's face it, with the political situation in the US right now you have plenty of fodder for an intriguing and relevant story.

    1. It's interesting that you mention that, Grace! I figured out that the book I was working on was not working because it was too soon. Other things needed to be covered before I could finish that one. So Book #2 will now involve Darcy from Chasing the Wind and Jaime from The Unicorn's Daughter/A Time for Legends. Here's the opening line:

      "The Antichrist is already here, living among us, planting the seeds of our destruction."


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