Thursday, October 25, 2018

What Would You Do if You Won Over a Billion Dollars?

Collin and I each got tickets for this one and Powerball, not really expecting to win (which is why we don't waste too much money on lottery tickets). We started out to have fun plotting what we'd do if we had actually won. Funny thing was that the plan we came up with wasn't really funny at all.
1.  Tell no one. That kind of attention never has a good end.  
2.  Plan before collecting the lump sum payment. Get legal/financial advice. Set up a trust so the winnings could be collected anonymously (our state is one of those that allows it). Living trusts are great. They pay the bills and take care of investments, property, payment of inheritances to heirs, etc.
3.  Share. Nobody needs that much money. Our church would be at the top of that list, followed by a number of charities, our closest friends and those individuals and organizations that helped us when we really, really needed it. 
4. Go home. My dad designed a house for me, but never got to build it. I still have the plans.  But instead of building, Collin and I agreed that we would try to buy back the last house Dad built for our family. Collin never lived there--Dad, Mom and I lived there for about six years. I was almost ten when we moved in and we moved out just before my sixteenth birthday. I loved that house. Collin got to see it once, a few years after Dad died. We almost bought it back then. I told him if we offered enough, it just might happen.

But we didn't win, and who knows when we'll get adventurous and play again? I suspect that one day, Collin will get the house, though.


  1. You wonder why all jurisdictions don't offer anonymity in those cases. Who wants people they haven't seen in twenty years showing up at their door and saying, 'Buddy!'

  2. And they do. Win that kind of money and everybody's got their hand out. I'd rather be anonymous and go on as if nothing had changed. Anything I gave to anyone or any charity would be done anonymously.

  3. We don't play, but if we did and won, we'd have to disclose, as we live in a state where it's the law. Isn't that just stupid? We'd move away and not tell anyone who we are, and not live like kings. But definitely we'd give a lot of the money away to charities.

    1. I discovered Missouri doesn't allow anonymity, either. Years ago, I'd been told they did. We'd have to move, too. I don't understand why so many states insist upon dragging winners out to put them on display. That makes them targets.

  4. I was thinking about what I would do.
    First I would make sure there was savings for family and help some friends.
    Buy a big piece of land with a small home, build a barn, then adopt every old dog, abused animals that no loves. Set up a free spay and neuter van to the southside of Tucson to help all the dog fighting and abused pitbulls. Then toss in jall all the so called "people" who abuse them. Set up a program to kept this group going.
    Only dreams

    cheers, parsnip and badger, truffles and agatha

    1. But good dreams, Gayle. Our world needs good dreams. Dreams can become reality!


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