Monday, December 31, 2018

When Taco Bell Doesn't Open On Time

This one was originally posted on Facebook over a month ago....

11/23/18: It's been a busy week. Yesterday, I challenged Collin's former employer on their Facebook page for firing him without a valid cause after seeing their "one big happy family/flexible job" posts (their response came much faster than expected--we'll see if anything actually comes of it). Then I gave Metro the feedback they requested on their Metro Gateway card, which is supposed to make using public transportation more convenient. It doesn't. To reload the cards, riders must go to their store downtown or one of their Metrolink stations--neither of which is anywhere near where we live. And I wouldn't use Metrolink if they paid me to ride it. Guess who's never going to be asked for feedback ever again?

Now, Taco Bell is in the ol' crosshairs. Don't get me wrong--I love Taco Bell. But it's really, really frustrating when we order one black bean burrito, one Fritos burrito and three bean burritos and discover, after we get home, that none of the burritos are labeled. We had to cut them open to tell which was which.

Is it too much trouble to put a sticker on them or something?

This is the same Taco Bell I used to frequent when I was still allowed to go out alone. I'd get there early. It was supposed to open at 9:30. I'd call them. 

"What time do you open?"


"No, you don't. I'm outside your door and it's still locked."

"Hold on."

Then they changed their opening time to 10:00. Same thing.

"What time do you open?"


"No, you don't. I'm outside your door and it's still locked."

Pause. Then, in a muffled but frustrated voice:

"Didn't anybody unlock that @!$$#%* door?"


  1. We've always ate at Culvers, until this year, when we traveled and EVERY SINGLE TIME they screwed up our meals. We came home and decided if we wanted a good burger, we'd go to a tavern that serves up a great burger. Even with a tip, the food is better! We tried a Hardies--once, and got cold burgers. We realized we weren't smelling the grills going. We got cold burgers slightly zapped in the microwave. Never will step foot in there again! Some people shouldn't even try and run a restaurant!

  2. You know, I've never eaten at Taco Bell.

    A couple of months back, after passing by one of a chain of convenience stores each evening on my way home- and seeing the exact same guy standing inside every single evening, regardless of the time for over a year- I brought it up with the company. I asked if there was a policy in letting a guy who wasn't an employee loiter in their stores for hours on end. I don't think he was homeless- not enough baggage on him- but definitely addled. And I think he used the spot to ogle the windows of a spot across the street- a modeling agency. I brought this issue up with them, said that it reflected badly to have this guy just standing there all the time, and within an hour or two I had a reply that it wasn't their policy and that they'd be having a word with their franchisee. That evening, the guy wasn't in the store, and hasn't been since. That's actually good customer service.

  3. Today post is really interesting,,, why oh why was Collin fired ! I have not had a Taco Bell for such a long time. My favorite was a bean burrito with green sauce. Now I must make one !

    Happy New Year !
    cheers, parsnip

  4. Unreliability is a problem with many restaurants and it becomes disappointing. I like Taco Bell too. My favorite is the Crunchwrap.

  5. Until a few weeks ago, my husband had never eaten at Taco Bell. How can this happen in a civilized society?

  6. Oh dang. Hope something comes of the iHop thing. Yeah, I don't get why not label the food wrappers. That's just nuts.


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