About Me (Don't Expect a Full Confession....)

I'm an author--a bestselling author, I'm proud to say. I published fourteen novels with conventional publishers before making the switch to self-publishing. It's a move I made with reluctance but have never regretted.

I also love blogging--surprising, as I was never good at keeping a diary or journal. My first editor said she always advised her authors to keep a journal...except for me. She joked mine would be far too incriminating!

I was never disciplined enough to stick with it. But as I grew older and watched my mother's memory disappear following a series of strokes, I realized I wanted to record some thoughts and memories so they wouldn't be lost, should I end up with dementia or Alzheimer's at some point....

A more detailed bio is available at my publisher's website:


  1. A very nice introduction to who you are :)
    I too am at the age where, having lost my mother last year and my dad 10 years ago, I start wondering about the trace we leave and lost memories. My dad wrote six books, one of which was his memoirs, so he chose what to leave behind, but my mother only wrote a few lines here and there - she was so busy living a full life!
    Anyway, I arrived here through Bob's blog in St Louis and am enjoying my visit here.

    1. Hi, Nathalie! Having seen your photoblog, I think you're leaving quite a story in images.

      You're in St. Louis now? I hope you have a wonderful time. Be sure you stop at Ted Drewes!


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